Les M. Fillingame, Sr. - Democrat  Incumbent

I am Les Fillingame, the current Mayor of our great city, Bay St Louis.  I have been your Mayor for the last eight years and am extremely proud of where we have taken this City together.  The opportunity to rebuild after Katrina has been the most rewarding experience of my professional life.  We have wisely invested hundreds of millions of federal dollars in new infrastructure, public safety facilities, community halls, streetscapes and our new waterfront that includes, of course, the harbor.  We have added amenities that have placed us at the forefront of communities that offer a genuine quality of life.  We are the fastest growing city in Mississippi since the 2010 Census and the demand for property is reflected in sharp increases in property values.  Our attention to efficiency in operations has kept everything that is new, sustainable; and, has allowed us the opportunity to invest local capital in recent paving and drainage projects in our newer areas.  I look forward to continuing in your service.

Rachael Ramsey -  Democrat

I’m running for mayor of Bay St. Louis.

It’s something I’ve thought about for some time. Like many of you, I kept hoping something or someone would solve the problems we’re experiencing. That’s not happening.  We need a change.

Like many of you, I love our city like a mother loves her child. However, I’m a concerned parent. Some things aren’t headed in the right direction. Instead of complaining and criticizing, I’ve decided to be the change we need by applying to be your mayor.

My campaign is different from those of other candidates, past or present.  I see it as a job I’m applying for, to do the hard work. I want to talk directly to you about where I’ve been, and answer your questions about where we want to see our town going. You won’t see yard signs or newspaper ads, gatherings for free meals, or any of the usual campaign clichés. I’ve never gotten jobs that way, have you? I stand on my qualifications: my education, my experience, my knowledge of our city, and my full-time availability.

I’m a retired accountant, with a baccalaureate with a major in accounting and a minor in economics, from Penn State. I’ve been the first female general manager of West Building Materials, remember them? I’ve been an accountant for Giant Foods of Pennsylvania and Blue Cross Blue Shield in their corporate offices. I was Senior Vice President and Commercial Controller for Hibernia Bank’s corporate office. Finally, I was the Advisor at the Business and Technical Division of Delgado Community College. That was my little retirement job, and my favorite of them all.

I encourage you to think about the qualities you look for when you hire someone to work on your house, teach yourself or your children, file your taxes, or help you invest your hard-earned money. I am the best qualified person running, without question. My resume is on my campaign website, www.MayorRachael.com. Please take a look. You can message me, ask questions, or make observations.

Please hire me to help our beautiful town.  I am the change we desperately need.

We can do better, we deserve better.